Daniel Stier and YES Editions present
A curious outsiders view into the world of science

Two volumes swiss-bound into a single cover Screen-printed polyvinyl chloride dust jacket
168 pages with 71 colour plates Dimensions: 216 × 261 mm
Photography by Daniel Stier Design by YES
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... it’s almost a modern version of Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel’s Evidence project
– Erik Kessels

By viewing scientists at work in the lab as artistic, creative figures, photographer Daniel Stier has created a surreal series that shows researchers in a whole new light. – The Guardian

All are, deliberately, without titles – leaving us, the viewers, to form our own narratives and to speculate on how their outcomes might impact on our lives.
Gordon McDonald

A visual study of unsung research facilities reveals the ingenuity—and occasional absurdity—of the machines used to pump out science and statistics on a shoestring budget. The resulting images feature a DIY aesthetic that toes the line between William Gibson-style cyberpunk novellas and experimental art installations.
The Creators Project

I consider human endeavour in art and science to be a beautiful futility, and would go so far to say that it is mankind’s greatest achievement to find the space to countenance failure or defeat.
Gordon McDonald

The lack of money in art and science is another parallel the 48-year-old is interested to draw out: despite the seriousness of their work, these labs are makeshift and unpolished. – Independent

Available with exclusive 8×10" Print

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